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Image by Andrik Langfield


I compose & produce music for visual media, delivering highly exploitable audio stems for Production Music Libraries from a commissioned brief to completion.



I write music for Film & Television.

I create custom music for a picture or visuals.

I also create music for production music libraries, intended for pitching to clients.

I am partcularily concerned with making high end audio (music of the future)

My goal is to provide highly usable music for visual media in a format they need.

Some of my music is being used Worldwide on various online platforms, including films, trailers, television programmes, product adverts, radio etc . . . .


Music Specialisms

My specialisms are Piano Solo, Piano & Strings, Neoclassical Orchestral Music but I am not rigid to one style only and can work in other genres.

I have a compositional background from an early age and can produce scores for use in Orchestral music.

My production skills are professional and this allows me to be able to fully realise and capitalise upon my compositional ideas.

I am a multi instrumentalist and play / record the piano in my studio.

Image by Dominik Scythe


I can bring a new fresh perspective on your project through my music. Revitalise or add to an existing idea that needs energy. 

I am a creative soul and I will strive to be innovative surpassing all expectations.

I have been brought up in an era of deadlines and I can respond quickly to most demands.

Collaborative working, brainstorming, ideas, creativity, ingenuity, thinking outside boundaries, realisation of imaginations.

My goal is always to super-heighten the emotions of the end listener, watcher or engager.


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